A recent increase in capacity means we now have the time and equipment to look after extra customers and tackle difficult materials. Consequently, we will be pleased to assist in recycling any hazardous liquids or sludges that are causing concern.


The Process

We have several solvent distillation plants of different sizes. These plants process the waste material by heating under a high vacuum while gently stirring and scraping the sludge. This ensures that the maximum possible solvent is released and sucked away. The vapours are then passed through condensers that liquify most of the vapour, and finally through a cooled vacuum pump, which liquifies the remains vapour.

The sludge is drained out of the plants to cool and solidify to an inert stable solid waste. We are currently researching further ways to process solid sludge and convert it into other forms of economic value.

We have worked with the Christchurch TerraNova Group and other interested industries and enterprises to prove processes for recovery of further useful hydrocarbon products from solid and semi solid wastes.

Recycled Perchloroethylene

We supply clear recycled perchloroethylene free of contaminant solvents. The supply is limited to waste received and the highest priority is given to the customers who supplied the perchloroethylene waste.


We operate a Christchurch-wide collection service. Outside this area we use established carriers. To meet strict transport and environmental standards, the waste must be in secure properly labelled containers.

Extra containers can be supplied if required.