We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality recycled solvent as well as reducing the amount of residual waste to a minimal amount of environmentally acceptable material. Our equipment can handle a wide range of difficult liquids and sludges including:

  • Printing and Paint solvents
  • Dry cleaning sludges
  • Waste cleaning fluids, especially chlorinated liquids
  • Separation of liquids to upgrade and reclaim valuable products to original standards.

To extract the maximum output of solvent from the feedstock, we use scrapers / stirrers and vacuum distillation in all of our large stills.


Paint Thinners

Within the Christchurch metropolitan area we will pick up your dirty paint thinners and solvents free of charge –

if you are purchasing our recycled thinners.

The waste material needs to be in approved sealed containers. If you require return of all or part of your recycled thinner you will only pay for the amount you want back.

To assure that the type of the recycled thinners you receive is the same as you would normally procure; the product will come from the original waste thinners you supplied as far as practical.